NED (National Endowment for Democracy) & AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce lobby) both have licenses to kill


TI is first and foremost a cover for economic intelligence activities by the CIA. It is also a media tool to compel states to change their legislation to guarantee open markets [AmCham]. Asia Foundation/EurAsia Foundation--In the 80s the press reported it was a CIA cover to fight communism in Asia. It was then reformed and its management was entrusted to multinationals. (Boeing, Chevron, Coca-Cola, Levis Strauss etc…). This re-styling was enough to give the impression that it was non- governmental and respectable – a structure that never stopped serving the CIA. After the dissolution of Russia, it was replicated: the EURASIA FOUNDATION, whose mandate extends covert action to the New Asian states. In December 2011, Egyptian authorities search the offices of the NDI and IRI in Cairo. The documents that were seized are most important to understand US interference since the “nest of spies” was removed from Teheran in 1979. Charged with spying, the NED leaders are tried. Here: Robert Becker (Director of NDI, Cairo--see photo below left) at the opening of the trial. The documents prove that NED is wholly responsible for and manipulated the pseudo revolution that took place in Tahrir Square. This resulted in more than 4,000 deaths to hoist the Muslim Brotherhood to power. Tom McMahon: former vice head of Rahm Emanuel and currently head of NDI. He came to France to organise the primaries of the Socialist Party and falsify the integrity of the core values of the Socialist Party of France, leading to the limp and tepid and non-social “socialism” rule of President Hollande.

Victoria Nuland and John McCain have shown us all in the U.S. our own path to freedom should be modeled on the Kiev insurrection a few years ago. Citizen COUPS and No Rules Barred Anti-Government PROTESTS! Thank you Vicky and Johnny!

Jobless Americans will be quick to follow Kiev Protesters and overthrow U.S. politicians who are likewise cold hearted oligarchs corrupted by lobbies [as was alleged in Kiev] and the U.S. temps and part time workers, unemployed, and students with outstanding shark-toothed Sallie Mae loans, will expect Victoria Nuland to feed them fresh hot bread also, as they follow the example applauded by USG and smash the police barricades too, in their efforts to bring about a corruption free U.S. body politic, just like in Kiev.

U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence spy agency is working in Dulles Airport and along the Texas border to assist in ICE "operations" along with Homeland Security rainmakers [AmCham]

AmCham is the largest U.S. lobby & has offices next to the US embassy all around the globe.

The 115 AmChams around the world create an influential network, accredited by the largest business association in the world: The 3-million-member-strong US Chamber of Commerce is in Washington, DC.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's [AmCham] own history of itself describes it as originating from an April 22, 1912, meeting of delegates.;The Chamber was created by President Taft as a counterbalance to the labor movement of the time.

In 1993, the Chamber [AmCham] lost several members over its support for Hillary Clinton's healthcare reform efforts when she was the First Lady the first term. The Chamber had chosen to support healthcare reform at that time due to the spiraling healthcare costs experienced by its members. However, House Republicans retaliated by urging boycotts of the organization. The Chamber [AmCham] operated its own cable television station, Biz-Net until 1997 in order to promote its policies. The Chamber shifted somewhat more to the right when Tom Donohue became head of the organization in 1997. By the time health care reform became a major issue again in 2010-2012, the organization opposed such efforts.The Washington, D.C., headquarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce occupies land that was formerly the home of master masonic Daniel Webster.  In late 2011 it was revealed that the Chamber's computer system was breached from November 2009 to May 2010 by Chinese hackers. The purpose of the breach appeared to be gain information related to the Chamber's lobbying regarding Asian trade policy.

AmCham works closely and tightly with NED, both the  IRI Republican (Sen. John McCain was director of NED's IRI global reaching wing for 30 years until 2017) wing and the NDI Democrats wing.


NED is the "Patriarch" and AmCham (CIPE) his "Madame," for the four flea ridden agencies which are intertwined, IRI, NDI, Solidarity Center (SI) fake manufacture "brand socialism", and AFL-CIO 'anti-labor' white glove mafia fake international union!

IRI (Sen. John McCain was director of NED's IRI global reaching wing for 30 years until 2017)


These two agencies together make the "color revolutions" around the globe, with the purpose to destabilize the local government and supplant it with AmCham networks.

NDI's "Solidarity Center" branch

4 main branches of NED, formed in 1983 just months before the KAL007 airline shootdown that nearly started WW3, when a US controlled Korean airline strayed dangerously deep into restricted Soviet air space.

AmCham is the main 3rd branch of NED, aka CIPE

 logo for phony left US-EU socialist SI formed in 1951; The current president of the SI is the former Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou.

The 4th main branch of NED is the fake socialist branch called SI, the Socialist International formed in 1951.  Bernie Sanders is not even social democrat enough to be in membership alignment with this fake CIA controlled NED socialist party international.  The NDI, loosely affiliated to the Democratic Party is an "associated organization" of the SI, aka Socialist International.

On 22 May 2013, the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) along with other current and former member parties of the SI founded a rival international network of social-democratic parties known as the Progressive Alliance, out of criticism of the perceived corrupt, undemocratic and outmoded nature of the SI.

The AFL-CIO has long worked hand in hand with SI and NED, especially in the overthrow of Allende in Chile.

CIA's own Socialism organization, the Solidarity Center cum Socialist International [SI]

 115 AmChams around the world [most often next door to the U.S. embassy].  It is not federal, same as Federal Express and Federal Reserve are not federal.

 p. 17


In recent years democracy assistance has become not merely a goal for diplomacy (although it remains that) but an increasingly frequent practical problem. A host of international and multilateral donor agencies and even military forces (both NATO and U.S.) have taken on the task of helping build democracies in highly challenging environments, including authoritarian and semiauthoritarian states, recently emerging and transitional democracies, and societies scarcely out of, or even in the midst of, violent conflicts (e.g., Ukraine, Bosnia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, Democratic Republic of the Congo). U.S. efforts to assist the spread of democracy encompass a host of activities: diplomatic pressures, trade sanctions, economic development aid, military and political support for democratic forces, or in some cases (e.g., Zaire, Philippines) withdrawal of support for dictators.

A lost sci-fi novel from the early 1950s that was set in our current year of 2018, was titled, BORN IN CAPTIVITY! Is Bryan Berry the NOSTRADAMUS of our new millennia? Today's young are held captive by social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Google apps, Wi-Fi smart phone apps, and are porn savvy by age 11 (thus their distaste for pubic hair on women, a no-no in cheap online porn). Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Theil, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Pierre Omidyar, all recipients of "angel investors" who in all probability were CIA and DARPA deep cover social engineering operations attached to their very public personal faces like brand names, many unseen and unreported connections tied to In-Q-Tel company or Palantir Technologies, or FEDSIM, step-children of NSA and NRO and CIA and DoD. and and

FEDSIM is the Deep State Temporary Employment Contractor long used by all the heavy duty secretive federal agencies and especially by USAID and FDIC, which failed American citizens when glibly BAILING OUT the banks too big to fail rather than all the small depositors across the nation who FDR envisaged as the beneficiaries of FDIC when the agency was created. FEDSIM hires out and deploys the workers and specialists for the multi-faceted system integration projects you have never heard of in the Department of Homeland Security, and also for the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FDIC. and and

 Over the last 10 years, FEDSIM has provided its agency clients with emerging methods and technologies like server virtualization and cloud computing; commercial off-the-shelf  COTS software for system development with enterprise products like SAP and in niche areas like medical insurance underwriting; social media and mobile technologies; and others. FEDSIM has expanded the breadth of its offerings in professional services like logistics or to meet unique needs such as strategic weapon system planning and policy making for the Air Force. FEDSIM acquisition innovations include the use of performance-based contracting methods and strategic sourcing methods that lower costs by consolidating purchases across many agencies. As U.S. Government IT acquisitions have suffered a resurgence of legal disputes (protests) following a change in the applicable laws, FEDSIM has become experienced in ‘protest defense’ to the point that agencies seek its services for this reason. Georgia Egypt Libya -- Israel--The only nation where AmCham has also a private business name, the Howard Bernstein Group Palestine Chile  Singapore

plus over 100 more....

 New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute aka OTI

OTI and NEW AMERICA grants from Omidyar Network and Humanity United report acknowledgment: Thanks to  Sara Eshelman at Omidyar Network and Michael Kleinman at Humanity United. 

 Omidyar was born in a golden baby crib into a billionaire Iranian .1% family whose father fled from Iran during the Iran Revolution due to his allegiances to the despotic Shah Pahlevi of Iran and his secret police SAVAK, who were both the enemies of the Iranian people. Omidyar bought Echo Bay Mining website in Canada through his intel connections and rebranded it E-Bay for short.

 OTI'S 'Internet in a Suitcase' was the main tool used to stir up the 2011-2014 Arab Spring revolutions & also the Kiev Coup which led to the civil war against East Ukrainian Russian speaking population

 OTI personnel were used against the many anti-NATO protestors in the Chicago region during the protests of 2012

 Fake "democratic and Privacy rights" agencies, NGOs, organizations and institutes:  NEW AMERICA marriage to OTI (Open Technology Institute)

 These groups are hidden DEEP STATE agencies which act like they are the leading lights crusading for citizens' rights but in fact they are the control managers of the new order.

 from the NEW AMERICA report on drones:

"Drones provoke another tricky question: Who “owns” the air? Law and public policy have yet to catch up with drone technology in this regard. There is a huge swath of space between 83 feet and 500 feet that still remains unclaimed and undefined. Innovative companies like Amazon/eBay and forward-looking public institutions like the Swiss postal service are hoping to fill this void but need this “right of way” to be defined."


ELON MUSK, a man with not even one advanced degree (no grad school diplomas) is in many ways a fraudulent social progress scientist hero, he is by and large in the Deep State more than Dick Cheney. Two things need to be clarified first. One, that electric powered cars need lots of electricity and lots of batteries. We still have to use fossil fuels to generate electricity and with more and more batteries strewn all over the globe like plastic bags and plastic liter, this does nothing but greatly add more harm to Mother Earth. Two, go to the moon again before mars -- thus proving man can fly to the moon again and jump around on both the bright side and the dark side, this should be a technological goal long before manned space flights to Mars. We still are sorely lacking [and need] spacesuits and spaceships that protect humans from very lethal space radiation, which is deadly for humans in even very brief time intervals, once one travels outside of the protective ionosphere (the International Space Lab is parked just inside the boundary of the ionosphere!). Astronaut transport to the ISS is currently handled solely by the Soyuz, but SpaceX under its CEO and money rainmaker whiz kid Elon Musk is one of two companies awarded a contract by NASA as part of its NASA Commercial Crew Development program. SpaceX has maintained a significant lobbying presence in Washington almost since day ONE. Elon Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa, his father was Errol Musk, an affluent and well-connected South African electromechanical engineer businessman who owned part of an emerald mine in Zambia.

Elon moved to Canada when he was 17 to attend Queen's University to study economics and banking and physics. He has no MS or PhD degree even today. He left in his first months of higher education in physics to join his pal Peter Theil, another former South African resident, in the creation of Paypal, who many claim is a banking CIA operation. When PayPal launched at a successful press conference in 1999, representatives from Nokia and Deutsche Bank sent $3 million in venture funding to Thiel using PayPal on their PalmPilots. PayPal then continued to grow through mergers with Elon Musk’s financial services company, In May 2003, Thiel incorporated Palantir Technologies, whose backers were the Central Intelligence Agency CIA's venture capital arm, IN-Q-TEL. In August 2004, Thiel made a $500,000 angel investment in Facebook for a 10.2% stake in the company and joined Facebook's board. This was the first outside investment in Facebook. Elon Musk, long associated with Peter Theil, co-founded Neuralink, a neurotechnology company focused on developing brain–computer interfaces, in July 2016 and is its CEO.

This Neuralink is in a field specialty of military agency DARPA and has many moral and threatening aspects to human beings involved in its use. Once this Pandora’s box is opened, it will have as few strong regulations-- that are truly enforced-- as little as toxic hedge funds today, despite the disaster of the Crash of 2008 brought no improvement in protecting investors and the US Treasury. Musk through his doublespeak and double-think head sees Neuralink and OpenAI as related: "OpenAI is a nonprofit dedicated to minimizing the dangers of artificial intelligence, while Neuralink is working on ways to implant technology into our brains to create mind-computer interfaces. ... Neuralink allows our brains to keep up in the intelligence race. The machines can't outsmart us if we have everything the machines have plus everything we have. At least, that is if you assume that what we have is actually an advantage," affirms Musk to the world through his vast PR network.

Musk's statements have been widely criticized; Stanford University Professor Fred Turner noted that "if you're an entrepreneur like Elon Musk, you will take the money where you can get it, but at the same time believe as a matter of faith that it's entrepreneurship and technology that are the sources of social change, not the state. It is not quite self-delusion, but there is a habit of thinking of oneself as a free-standing, independent agent, and of not acknowledging the subsidies that one received. And this goes on all the time in Silicon Valley." IN-Q-TEL. In an apparent self-admission of mixing zolpidem and alcohol, Musk tweeted in June 2017 "A little red wine, vintage record, some Ambien ... and magic!". Musk gained negative media attention for advocating the dangerous drug combination publicly on his social media. Musk flew to ISRAEL in 2016 in a private plane to visit Mobileye (NYSE: MBLY), an ISRAELI firm which is developing key components for Tesla's automatic driving system Autopilot, which the company intends to launch commercially within the near future.




AMERICANS NEED THEIR OWN "COLOR REVOLUTION" of Alt Left joined with Alt Right where they both can agree! and THEY DON'T NEED N.E.D. TO HELP THEM! #VOTERS LIVES MATTER!

Temp & Part time workers & unemployed who have almost 'no rights' to speak of, should join up with offshoots of #Black Lives Matter (the real original #Black Lives have been coopted by CIA infiltrants already), who in truth, the unemployed  have 'less rights now than illegal immigrants' -- in a new Color Revolution in the borders of the USA to rival those in “regimes” nations

graphics artist: Bryan Adrian

photo by The Daily Caller -- typical Job Search Day all over USA

Why Hire Disgruntled White Collar Professional Employees When You Can Rent highly educated and trained Temp Slaves?

Nationally, the use of temporary workers has grown to over three million, a more than 50 percent increase since 2009, with the number expected to rise to over four million by the end of the decade.


VIDEO -- The Truth About Low Life Temp Labor

this video above is unconsciously very misleading because the vast majority of temps are white US citizens and not illegal immigrants nor poor and uneducated blacks, as are the main temp workers shown and interviewed in this slanted investigation. Office work is mostly done by temp slaves in our major US cities; senior word processors, multilingual legal secretaries, and even paralegals and lawyers , engineers and computer software designers, professional white collar occupations like nursing, accounting, and computer programming are all being trashed by this same overpowering system of temp agency “slash the wages and gut the benefits” global economics. Most of the workers in Greenville SC at the giant BMW auto making plant, are temps. Walmart and Amazon use temps with zeal and abundant freedom from careful inspection. Many truck drivers now are forced to find their next gig through a heartless temp agency.



Harvard MBAs who are temping….. some do it for variety, others out of dire need.

McKinsey research in 2011 found that 58% of U.S. companies expect to use more temporary arrangements at all levels in the years ahead (nearly triple the number that plan to offshore more jobs). And although good data about independent workers are hard to come by (the government is curiously uninterested in tracking this trend), some estimates are instructive. Sixteen million Americans are working independently today, according to research by MBO Partners, which manages back-office infrastructure for independent workers. That figure is expected to rise to 20 million over the next two years. This is not just an American phenomenon. In Europe, where onerous labor laws make it difficult and costly to fire anyone—thus discouraging companies from taking on permanent hires—temporary work is even better established than it is in the United States. The vast majority of this work is in the middle tier or below, but it is spreading in the high end. According to Booz Allen Hamilton, the UK market for interim managers is one of the best developed, accounting for as much as $1.8 billion in revenue in 2009; and across Europe, annual growth in the market for interim executives has been over 20%. lawyers, MBAs, doctors, and engineers no longer have to sign on 24/7 if they want to exercise their skills at a high level. As the supertemp market grows, it will offer a viable platform for all talented people, including retirees and new parents, who crave flexibility but want to stay in the game. 

REVIEW (below) OF 2005-2015, a decade long massacre against U.S. labor and civil rights with no NGOs nor worthy unions helping so many besieged Americans

FIGHT the Hegemony of Global Temp Agencies with PEOPLE POWER!! [not only warehouse workers and janitors and truck unloaders are temps. Many lawyers and nurses and engineers and programmers cannot find a job without hustling part time by the hour, for a temp agency, pleading weekly for more work ... and even doctors now too are humiliated by loss of labor rights!
"Traditionally, temporary jobs have been in office and administrative support, production, and transportation and material moving occupations-and there are still many jobs in these fields. But today, an increasing number of jobs are in occupations, such as computer programmers, lawyers, or registered nurses, that require higher education and command greater pay."

"Do you want a padre"?

"No thanks, I'm a pagan."


"Social Dumping" in the Workforce of the USA has now infected the EU Labor Market and Sidesteps union protections... read here how EU is going down the same "screw the workers" rabbit hole that has long been in place in USA

Every week job fairs but still no jobs, in USA


--but they throw us only "MEDICAL CARE STRIP TEASE" in lieu of FULL NATIONAL HEALTHCARE!!!

Watch the great socially significant Brasilian TV series “3 PERCENT” now dubbed by Netflix in English!


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